Wednesday, September 23, 2009're so vein, you probly think this blog is about you.

Need I really say more? I love myself. I check myself out in every mirror possible.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

.....................baaaaaaaaad kitty

My mom keeps yelling at me this week. Today she caught me climbing around in her Ikea (crappy) bins. She is all mad at me because I like to hide in the baskets--- but the problem is those silly baskets fall out of the tracks and they don't want to stay in them. Too bad they aren't made a little better. Its a great place to play.
I look cute though, right? I mean, who can say "NO" to this face constantly? Answer: My mom.
Noooo mom, I didn't eat your ice cream sunday. this is NOT whip cream on my nose. huh uh, nope, not me. purrrrrrr

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

..................I'm tired, let me sleep.

It's been raining for daaaays. All I want to do is sleep in this weather. I like to crawl up in crazy positions and get all comfy and sleep. It makes my mom laugh and she breaks our her camera every chance she gets. I think that woman is a little fruit loopy, but hey-- she give good canned cat food, so I cut her some slack.
I'm still obsessed with crawling up her leg when I get excited, she still yells. Life is the same. I do some crazy stuff that has been video'd, my mom will post it soon.